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New Cheeses!

we've brought in a boatload of new cheeses for your holiday larder, and we can't wait for you to hear about them!  

They're from all over the world: Asturias (NW Spain), Austrian and Bavarian Alps,  Catalunia, Piedmont, Switzerland, and Upstate New York!  These are all fabulous, and all in limited amounts, so don't delay!

Juni - a cow's milk Toma Brusca from Piedmont infused with Juniper berries,is a slightly tangy and cake-y cheese with complex flavors.   The aromas of crushed, dried  juniper berries infused in this unique cheese gives it an incredible and complex flavor.  Juniper berry is  the same botanical used to give gin its distinctive flavor.

Anton’s Allgauer Limburger I discovered this Bavarian cheese at last year's Fancy Food show, and have been lobbying for it to be brought to California since February!  Allgauer Limburger is an organic cheese made by master cheesemaker  Anton Holzinger who uses fresh, free range cow's milk from local farms. It is ripened for 3 - 4 weeks during which time the rind is washed daily. This treatment gives the cheese its characteristic peach coloring and full aroma. Despite being washed as it ages, this Limburger often develops a thin bloomy crust which gives it a mellow flavor and a beautifully creamy texture with flavors of hay and mushrooms. We can't be sure where Limburger picked up its bad reputation, as its not even as pungent as many other washed rinds out there, but this is a cheese to change your mind.   Even kids love this cheese!

Backsteiner Backsteiner is known as the brick of gold -  a smear ripened soft cheese with small eye holes throughout the paste,  it yields a fruity flavor with a creamy buttery texture and a slightly pungent nose.  Backsteiner means brick, and the cheese is so called because of its brick-like shape. It's not like the Brick cheese made in the United States but is more like Oka or a very mild Munster.  The small Sibratsgfall dairy in the upper Bregenz Forest is well-loved for its regional specialties such as this Sibratsgfall Bachensteiner. Cheesemaker Herbert Baur produces this tiny gold brick of cheese using exclusively with silo free, unheated and untreated Bregenz Forest milk

Sibratsgfaller Tilsiter The original Tilsiter was made by the Swiss Westphal family of the Emmental valley after they moved to the Prussian city of Tilsit in the mid 1800s. Mini Emmenthaler was the goal but different equipment, ingredients, and ambient cultures resulted in a milder invention with smaller holes. Their cheese house can still be found in now, Sovetsk, Russia – but today most Tilsiter comes from Switzerland and Germany where it became quite popular. This Austrian raw milk edition is from a small Co-op in the Bregenz Forest. Eat it like a Prussian – often and with the darkest bread and beer around.

Edwin’s Munster The washed rind Edwin's Munster is an Austrian alpine style of a French favorite. It's like a classic Munster, but with a thicker density. This is creamy and richer , but not as strong as its classic French counterpart.

Boschenhof An organic Bavarian alpine cheese,  Boschenhof is produced on a very small scale and made from  raw milk. This 17 month aged Alpine cheese is robust and spicy, and a bit meaty, and is considered by many to be one of the finest Alpine cheeses in the world. Reminiscent of Challerhocker.

Andeerer Gourmet is a Swiss organic washed rind firm raw cow's milk   mountain cheese (think Appenzeller or Gruyère), made in teensy amounts by a husband and wife that has gotten high marks at the World Cheese Awards and the Alpine Cheese Olympics.

Coach Farm Triple Cream Goat - described in detail in last newsletter Might be my favorite cheese.  Dense, creamy, and not at all goaty.  Brillat Savarin for the lactose intolerant?

Garrotxa (GARE-owh-cha). Return of an old favorite. Raw aged goat cheese from NE Spain.  Creamy paste, slightly lemony flavors.  Sliceable, great with pears, on a cheese plate, as a foil for blues or manchego.

La Peral - Creamy, tangy, almost spreadable, and intense blue from NW Spain.  A blue with lots of depth. Nuts, sherry, quince paste, shrimp?   A perfect Tapas cheese.



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