Barrel Aged Feta

One of our most popular cheeses, Arvanitis Barrel Aged Feta is a PDO cheese made from Sheep and oat milk that's made in Greece in the traditional way, brine aged in oak barrels for several months before release.

Arvanitis is one of the last remaining family owned traditional Greek dairy companies. Established in 1980, and now run by the 2nd generation, Arvanitis embodies the northern Greek mountain terroir. Located in the best dairy region (the province of Macedonia), Arvanitis is supplied by over 250 farms, many of whom are muli-generational families engaged in tradtional sheep and goat milk farming.

Feta is THE iconic national cheese of Greece, bearing the coveted PDO status. Described in Homer ’s Odyssey, Feta is an integral part of Greek cuisine. Produced only from fresh sheep and goat milk, the flavor and texture of Arvanitis’ feta embodies the northern Greece mountain terroir. Characterized by a firm texture that allows for both easy slicing and crumbling. Matured in brine for a minimum of two months. Barrel Aged Feta has a stronger, sharper flavor.

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